What People Are Saying

Course Feedback:

‘I wish we lived in London so we could take any other courses Brenda is teaching’ Patti Simpson, Artisan Sweet Bakes, December 2019

‘Perfect and engaging. Amazing!’ Michael Jones, Artisan Sweet Bakes, December 2019

‘No ability before but feel I can now bake bread. Clear and easy to follow’  Maggi Blomley, Basic Bread Making, November 2019

‘I have enjoyed the experience very much and will definitely make bread at home’ Sue Kinsman, Basic Bread Making, November 2019

‘Fun, inspiring, empowering’ Chris Goodman, Basic Bread Making, November 2019

‘Fun, useful, productive’ Madeline Wetterhahn,  Artisan Bakes – Sweet Bakes, October 2019

‘ Relaxed, informative, educational’ Elaine Banwell, Basic Bread Making, October 2019

‘Exceeded expectations. Time well spent. Seriously enjoyable’  Marc Moderegger, Basic Bread Making, October 2019

‘Excellent’ Hettie Sykes, Artisan Bakes – Sweet Bakes, October 2019 

‘Fabulous, Fun and the best course I’ve been on! For a beginner it was spot on. The concept works. Nothing was too much trouble. Lunch was lavish and healthy. What a treat. Very therapeutic. ‘

Ria Beaumont, Basic Breadmaking,  September 2019

‘Amazing value and a wonderful end result’

Clive Beaumont, Basic Breadmaking, September 2019

‘I didn’t realise we’d do so many different breads in one session’

James White, Basic Breadmaking, September 2019

‘Amazing, encouraging, friendly’

Rafael Peroni, Basic Breadmaking,  July 2019

‘Brenda was a fantastic teacher’

Mario Novysedlak, Basic Breadmaking, June 2019

‘A wonderful birthday present for a fella!!’

Suzie Marvin, Basic Breadmaking, May 2019

‘Excellent’ Nestor Lai, Basic Breadmaking, March 2019

‘Fun, informative, interesting’

Richard Bignall, Basic Breadmaking, February 2019

‘Excellent, well taught. Very friendly’

Philly Bignall, Basic Breadmaking, February 2019

‘Excellent – perfect pace and plenty of opportunity to ask questions’ Elaine McCullogh, Basic Breadmaking, January 2019

‘Muy, muy bonita’ Pedro Andres Montepequevasquez, Basic Breadmaking, January 2019

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the class’ Elisabeth, Basic Bread Making, Nov 2018

‘Fun, informative, interesting’ Tracy, Basic Bread Making, Nov 2018

‘I’m very happy with the course and highly satisfied with the class’ Beenish, Basic Bread Making, Oct 2018

‘BRI-LLI-ANT’ Jude, Basic Bread Making, Sept 2018

‘Helpful, interesting and tasty’ Sabrin, Basic Bread Making, Sept 2018

‘Really enjoyable day, exactly what I was hoping for and made more bread than I expected’ Helen, Basic Bread Making, Sept 2018

‘ I felt it was very relaxed and the small group size really helped with any dough issues that arose’ Lee, Basic Bread Making, Sept 2018

‘Engaging, delicious, concise’ Oscar, Basic Bread Making, April 2018

‘Informative, fun, fantastic. It exceeded my expectations’ Charlotte, Basic Bread Making, Mar 2018

Bread Feedback:

“The chilli bread and the olive loaf were delicious.”

“The bread was amazing.”

“This is simply delicious.”

“The bread last week was absolutely delicious – all eaten by Saturday lunchtime, mostly by me!”

“First of all you are an amazing baker. Thank you for the cinnamon swirls everyone of us enjoyed them, they were delicious – texture, taste everything was perfect. The tarts were my favourite, full of flavour.”

“The challah didn’t make it home… again! I scoffed it in the car.”

A review of Old Isleworth Market from Get West London: https://www.getwestlondon.co.uk/whats-on/food-drink-news/here-delicious-food-you-can-14843603

The thought of freshly baked bread, home made cakes, vibrant fruit and veg and a proper curry is enough to make our tummies rumble.

If fresh bread, vibrant fruit and veg, wines and beers and homemade cakes whet your appetite then a market in Old Isleworth could be just the place to do your food shop.

Old Isleworth Market has been trading in Shewsbury Walk near South Street since April and is there on the on the first and third Saturday of each month between 10am and noon.The produce market is running during the summer months – it will finish for the winter on the last Saturday in October.

It was the idea of Rowan Joyce, who owns South Street Coffee and Ice Cream Shop, and her neighbour Steven Spittaels. They were inspired to make use of the space in the square near her coffee shop following comments from customers and by the markets in Steven’s home country of Belgium.

It helps bring the community together, explained Rowan. “It is quite lonely living in cities, even the suburbs. You can find you don’t know your neighbours. “People like to feel part of the community,” she said. “[They] are meeting people they have not seen for ages.”

At the market you can buy fruit and veg, meat, beer wine, bread, cakes, marmalade, cut flowers and more.

It started with 13 traders and at the last count there were 18. Rowan said “The idea is you can buy everything you need for the week. You can buy your fruit and veg and your wine and beer.”

There is also live music to entertain while you shop.The next market on Saturday, July 7, will have a French theme.

And although the market won’t be open in the winter months, a Christmas market is being planned.

Rowan said the market has been a success for the stallholders too.“The first few times people just sold out of everything and now they have to make more. “ Here are five stallholders you can visit at Old Isleworth Market:

Daly Bread

Brenda Daly bakes her Daly Bread (Image: Rowan Joyce)

Brenda Daly is an award-winning baker who runs a small micro-bakery from her home kitchen in Isleworth.

She makes fresh bread, healthy bakes, sweet and savoury treats and uses high quality ingredients, organic flour, natural yeast and a minimal amount of salt.