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Love good honest bread? Take the hassle out of weekly ordering by joining the Daly Bread Club. Now taking October bookings.

Order your weekly loaf, choosing from Isleworth Sourdough, Seeded Sourdough or NEW Flexi Sourdough for a different loaf each week.

The Flexi Sourdough bread options:

Week 1 – Plain Isleworth Sourdough

Week 2 – Country Sourdough – rye, wholemeal and white flours

Week 3 – Seeded Sourdough

Week 4 – Plain Isleworth Sourdough

Week 5 – Country Sourdough

I am one of the many local businesses participating in Hounslow Council’s shop local voucher scheme. Residents of Hounslow Council can redeem their free £20 voucher on freshly baked bread, or learning to bake freshly baked bread in a bread class. This initiative was set up to support the local economy to help recovery from the pandemic. For more details please view the introduction on or Hounslow Council’s shop local voucher scheme.


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Daly Bread Club

Need a regular fix of good, honest, locally made artisan bread? The Daly Bread Club is a monthly club for the dedicated bread connoisseur offering you your choice of sourdough bread each week. September’s Bread Club is now closed if you are interested in joining for October please complete the form below.

NEW Bread Club Option – Flexi Sourdough – If you would like to try a different loaf each week consider this option (Isleworth sourdough, Country Sourdough, Seeded Sourdough, Isleworth Sourdough)

Why Join?

  • Guarantee your weekly fresh sourdough 

  • Order once for the month 

  • Receive a welcome treat

  • Get priority for spares and special bakes

  • No need to worry about missing weekly deadlines for ordering your loaf

  • Access unique tasting products for bread club members

  • Support local small businesses and artisan breadmaking in Isleworth

The Daly Bread Club is available ONLY at the beginning of the calendar month either 4 or 5 weeks depending on the month. If you are interested in pre-ordering for a shorter period than a month drop me a line to discuss an alternative arrangement.

How does it work?

  1. Choose the loaf that you would like to be baked for you for the month from the list below. Or choose the Flexi Sourdough option for a different loaf each week.
  2. Choose the quantity of loaves you require each week.
  3. Complete your payment. I will confirm your order via email
  4. If you need to pause your four week subscription at any point please allow a minimum of 3 days before the bake day and email me at

And that’s it. I look forward to baking for you!

More information about Bread Club choice

For more information about the Bread Club loaves please view here:

  • Isleworth Sourdough – large or small – Thursdays
  • Seeded Sourdough – large or small – Thursdays
  • Flexi Sourdough – large or small – Thursdays – large or small – Isleworth sourdough, Country sourdough, Seeded Sourdough, Isleworth Sourdough, Country Sourdough.

Additional information

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Choice of Loaf

Isleworth Sourdough, Country Sourdough, Seeded Sourdough, Flexi Sourdough


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